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Disease Fighting Foods!

Disease Fighting Foods!

We all want to eat well and want to do what is right for our bodies.  We are conditioned to think eating healthy is for losing weight…but there is more. There are many disease fighting foods that give your eating plan more benefits.

What if you could enhance our food to help fight disease?  There are many foods that are out there that not only taste great, are readily available and have disease fighting qualities.

  • Almonds -People who snack on almonds  (1 ounce a day) shed 62 percent more weight and 56 percent more fat than those who didn’t, a study from Loma Linda University in California finds.  The fiber in nuts may prevent the body from absorbing some fat. Almond eaters also lowered their blood pressure, and the vitamin E in these nuts may keep skin supple.


  • Onions – Onions offer a trifecta of compounds to fight disease on all fronts: fructans, flavonoids and organosulfur. Fructans encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut, to thwart infection-causing bugs (most illnesses start in the gut). Flavonoids prevent DNA damage that might lead to cancer. And organosulfur may keep blood clots at bay. Buy stronger onions such as northern yellow. They’re best for inhibiting liver and colon cancer cell growth. Sauté, simmer, grill and roast away — their superpowers can stand the heat. ****A nice slice of onion on a burger made from OCF Ground Beef (don’t forget the white meat seasoning) is a perfect pair


  • Shrimp – These little guys are a calorie bargain. One 4 oz serving sets you back only 119 calories but supplies 23 g of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and selenium, an antioxidant linked to lower rates of colon and lung cancer. Plus, eating about 10 oz of shrimp daily can raise your HDL (“good”) cholesterol by about 12 percent, researchers at The Rockefeller University in New York City have determined.  ***OCF always has a full supply of Wild Caught Shrimp.  Brush some of Chef Al’s signature BBQ Sauce on the shrimp and grill…yummm***

Stay tuned for our next segment on “Disease Fighting Foods”