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Organic Free Range Chicken for order in FL

Free range chicken is a term that gets thrown around a lot in grocery stores, neighborhood markets, and restaurants everywhere. As people move to become more aware of what they are eating and where that food comes from, it’s no surprise that they have begun to look at the farming process. Organic Free range chicken is chicken that is given time to roam outside while it’s raised. The result of this type of farming is an animal that gets to behave more naturally, and meat and eggs that are healthier, better tasting, and more nutritious. For residents of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and any surrounding community, the most trusted source for this type of chicken is The Organic Chef Foods.

Think about it, chicken that spends its entire life in a cramped cage never gets to do so much of what it would do on the outside. Foraging for seeds and worms? Nope. Taking dust baths? Sorry. Flapping those wings? Forget it. It’s only when chickens are able to get out into the pasture that they are able to act as they normally would. Not only are our free range farming practices more humane, but they also produce meat and eggs that directly benefit you.

Locally Sourced

We source our chicken from a small family farm located in Citra, between Ocala and Gainesville, FL. There they grow heirloom organic produce, free range organic chicken, pasture raised, heritage breed, organic pork, and free range eggs. They do not use antibiotics, hormones or arsenic in their feed, and never use herbicides, pesticides or petroleum based fertilizers. Instead, they rely on the animals and natural methods for pest control and fertilization. In addition to eating bugs, worms, and grasses, they supplement their feed with organic sprouts and feed that is Non-GMO Verified. Non-GMO Project Verification requires the dna in the feed be tested for for gmo contamination. In addition to being tested for gmo’s, the feed used is also tested for over 60 different chemicals and pesticides, and is milled within one week of receipt, ensuring its freshness. We are confident that what is used is the best quality and cleanest feed available.

They raise their animals and produce to the highest standards with love and respect for the animals and the land. They truly believe in what they are doing and have a high amount of integrity. They select their animals and seeds based on purity and the ability to live on pasture, and follow the guidelines of organic standards and the Slow Food Movement.
Some of the health benefits that have been studied in free range chicken include:

Increased omega-3 fatty acids

Increased folic acid

Increased beta-carotene

Increased vitamins E, A, D, and B12

Lower cholesterol

Lower saturated fat

Opting for organic free range chicken is the smart choice – for you, your body, and the animal. If you have any questions about out organic farming and the foods we produce, contact The Organic Chef Foods today. In addition to chicken, we also provide grass fed beef, free range turkey, organic sausages, and a wide variety of other natural foods for anyone in Tampa, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, or any nearby area.

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