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Organic food is fresher as well as nutritionally dense.

Organic food is fresher as well as nutritionally dense.
I am here to say that foods free of pesticides and chemicals are the way to go, organic foods are even better. This not to exclude GE/GMO foods as well as antibiotic and hormone free meats. As always I recommend that you always do your own research, the more information you have the better choices you can make. Food is the most important ingredient in the recipe for good heath.
Organic crops must be grown without the use of GE/GMOs, petroleum-based fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or raw fertilizers of any kind. Organic meats, eggs and dairy products may not be given antibiotics, growth hormones or any animal-by-products. as well as being pasture raised (Access to the outdoors) and be given organic feed.
Organic food is FREE of all of these and is fresher as well as nutritionally dense.
    I am here to ask you not to be trendy but to make good informed food choices because of the benefits to you and your families health.
Now the following video will most likely not tell you anything you don’t already know but we all need to be reminded from time to time.
We need to be reminded of what it is that is being done to our foods in the name of profit regardless of the impact on our health.
All the new illnesses that we see today and the staggering number of unhealthy family and friends that were almost rare to me as a child, should shine brightly in our faces that FOOD is the issue. Every time that you make a purchase of a conventional product you are voting with you purchase. You are saying that “Yes” I agree with the way your company treats the animals, I agree with the use of persistent pesticides, petroleum based/ and raw fertilizers. “Yes” I agree with nitrates in my meats,  “Yes” I agree with Genetically Modified Organisms being fed to my family. I am OKAY with it.
Be thoughtful very thoughtful of how and what you feed your family.
Chef Al
Click link below to watch video.